The family session is $250 and includes a pre-session consultation, 90 minute session on location.

All wall art, collections, albums and products are sold separately at your in-person premiere session. Some locations will require additional fees for usage. Most clients average around $1500.

Family Sessions are a great investment for three reasons:

Your family is growing and changing constantly and you need to capture them as they are now.

Let’s admit it. We’re not getting any younger. Your children grow up, you grow old, and another family member is added in your family. Your family is growing and changing. Only a family portrait can record your family’s precious moments, how you constantly change and grow. You’re not the same from who you were last year and who you’ll be next year. Don’t take these family stages for granted.

What a great way to get the family together in one place.

Most of them already have a family of their own or busy with their career. Family portraits help you get the whole family together and create a fun memories to keep. Family portrait sessions are fun and a great way to reunite with the whole family again. Selfies may be on trend right now, but how many people can fit in a selfie? Professional portrait is still different than an ordinary selfie or groupfie with the family. Booking a professional session will give you a high quality photo with the entire family in it. Now that’s worth something.

Family portraits are heirlooms to treasure.

Aside from being a wonderful art in your home and office, your family portrait is a heirloom that you can proudly pass on to your children and them to their children and so on. It is something you can show to the future generations of your family. Let’s be honest, we feel happy and nostalgic whenever our parents show some old photo albums, even the black & white ones.

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