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As a professional portrait photographer, my first priority is to create a stress-free experience that you’ll enjoy as much as the photos you’ll treasure.

What do you notice?

Once I became a photographer I started to notice. What did I notice? Actually everything! I started to notice the color of the light, warm and cold, golden and blue. I started to notice reflections and how light could be used for taking a great photo. I notice quality of light, harsh and soft. I started looking a places as sets and where I would love to photograph and what time of the year. It actually started to surprise me when other people didn't notice. So I started to point out things to my family and friends. Sometimes they just looked at me weird and other times they had "light bulb moments." Ahh.

I love seeing your photos on the wall!

After selling my photos I started to realize I loved seeing your photos in print. I began like most and would print them out on my printer and was slightly impressed. Then I upgraded to better paper and loved certain types of paper. I eventually had my photos printed at a larger box store and was really impressed! (All of my photography friends are shaking their heads right now!)

Quality matters!

What I found out several years later is that quality prints matter! The better the paper, printer and framing, the better the photo looks. There is nothing sadder than seeing a treasured photo fade away due to exposure to light. It's like that scene in "Back to the Future" when Marty starts fading away. Photos are real and substantial memories that can be passed on to generations, a moment in time that can be relived over and over again.

Photos are real and substantial memories that can be passed on to generations, a moment in time that can be relived over and over again.

I actually started looking for better ways to present my photos to my clients last year. Most photographers that have access to digital files have found out is that digital files can be lost forever with one bad click or a lightning storm that wipes out a computer that had stored the last 20 years of photos. It happens and it always a sad day. When I started I would give all my digital files to my client and hope that they would print them on quality paper or save those files somewhere safe and sound. Sadly that didn't happen as often as I'd like to believe. I ran into a customer from about 5 years ago and she said that she hadn't printed her photos yet. Yikes! So I asked if she still had the CD and she said yes, but her computer didn't have a place to put a CD.

So now I insist on my clients getting actual printed photos, either framed or canvas wrapped. Both of these are great options for traditional settings, but the most important part is that they actual, real photos. This winter I discovered another option that I just love offering to my clients.

Have you ever seen these?

A memory box has been the best product that I have ever offered! It is a great way to have multiple photos in one location that can store and protect professionally matted photos. I have two options that have been popular with my clients. One has a frame on the front, which you can switch out photos as you wish. And a closed option which is great for more of a long term storage solution. AND it is designed to how the USB drive inside the box.

What a great way to display and store your precious memories!

This box has become one of my favorite items to provide for my clients! Watching my clients' faces when they see their photos displayed in such a quality display it is one of the most rewarding parts of my job! This is absolutely something you need to see in person!

I still have a couple spots open for July, but they are going fast! Contact me today to schedule an appointment to discuss your photography needs!

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