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Imagine What You Want

When I started out in photography, I never imagined how much I'd use my imagination! Ironic? Yep. I actually didn't see photography as an art when I started and remember very clearly walking through a museum and thinking, "Why is a photography in a museum?? This isn't art!" Yep, I said that. Can you imagine? I've since learned that it is the imagination that moves normal photography into the art world. There are times that I don't use my imagination as much as other times, but I'm always trying to see the photo before I take it. Sometimes it depends on getting the subject to imagine what's possible.

The Hero Shot!

This has been a favorite of mine the past couple of years. During an initial consultation, I ask the senior what kind of activities they like, sports, hobbies. In this case this was easy... He was going to be officially a pilot in a month or so. Bingo! Let's do it! To me these are challenging but really fun. I love the whole idea of finding something and making it epic! I look around the internet for ideas that might feed my imagination or inspire me to think outside the box.

Location. Location. Location...

Some of the triggers for imaginative images can be a great location or even a great sky. These are sometimes planned, but with the sky you just have to get lucky. This shot was earlier this summer and we did plan on getting a photo on the bridge, but when we arrived it was just about to start raining. We hurried up and grabbed a few photos. On this day the location and the sky cooperated and was more than we could have imagined! I've scouted out places that will match your idea of a perfect location so let's talk soon!

Sometimes they are just epic already!

Sometimes (most actually!) the seniors are just epic already! These young adults are accomplishing so much more than we realize. It is always great to get to know my seniors and realize just how awesome they really are. In several sessions this past year I discovered that my seniors already have a budding career, business or even a fan club! Go seniors!

Can You Imagine?

Wouldn't you love to have a hero shot? Let's sit down and make it happen today. Schedule a free consultation with me and let's find a way to include a hero shot into your senior session. During a 45 minute planning session we can talk about locations, passions and general planning for a great experience!

Talk to you soon!

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