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Getting Started - Loosen up and just enjoy!

I actually love the time I spend with my seniors and their families. I hope that shows throughout my session and ultimately through my photography. It is quite a special time for the seniors and their parents. One of the first things to do is get the client to relax. It is actually weird having somebody point a camera at you for a couple hours. Boys especially don't look forward to the experience. But I've also been told that the worst thing to say to someone is "relax!" It is like our brain goes directly into oppositional defiance mode. "Don't tell me to relax! You Relax!"

The first 15 minutes...

During my session I find little tricks to help the client to realize they are actually doing really well during the session, but we have to get past the first 15 minutes of the session first. During those first critical minutes I talk a lot, actually I've been told I talk too much during those times, but it works for me and my clients. If you know me at all you'd probably be surprised that I talk too much. Generally I'm a listener and tend to talk very little. So what do I talk about? Mostly about how I will be shooting during the session and what they need to do, which is generally not much. Telling them how not to do things is the beginning of the end. They already feel like they don't know what to do. Sometimes I show them a way the can help and take a couple "practice" photos "Click" and show them how much better they are already! I call them practice photos because 9 out of 10 times they are keepers! Sometimes I just talk to them about what they want in their session. Sounds simple, but it is important to them. They sometimes ask questions, which I love! If they are worried about something I want to take care of that as quickly as possible.

Catching a Moment

One of my favorite things during a session is to catch them during a moment. Sometimes it is as simple as a yawn and then "Click" and a laugh! "Click" It is amazing how great a smile is after they know that I just got a bad photo. When I'm able to laugh at a bad photo, they are more willing to realize this could be fun. "Click"

Sometimes I have the client make a funny face at their mom or friend and I take of photo of the funny face "Click" and then immediately after. "Click" I joke about how great that photo will look as a 40x60 on their sibling's wall! "Click" Another great photo!

Sometimes you are taking great photos when all the sudden you hear "Star Wars" being played at a wedding rehearsal! "Click" How can you not laugh or loosen up then? "Click" (True story from this week! Ask me about it sometime!)

Just have fun!

Just having fun!

It is amazing how great a smile is after they know that I just got a bad photo. When I'm able to laugh at a bad photo, they are more willing to realize this could be fun. "Click"

Trust Me - Let's get to work!

At this point they have relaxed and start to have fun. This is when they start trusting me and seem to take my advice. "Click" Another great photo. Now I can start to show the back of the camera and off we go. There is a great book I've read recently titled "Ten Thousand Horses" by John Stahl-Wert and Ken Jennings that takes about how trust has to come before teaching or learning. I love that idea because that is what I looking for in others and expect from myself. Why wouldn't everybody else look for someone they trust too? Have you ever noticed that anyone who says, "Trust me" is hard to trust? I don't ask for it, I have to earn it.

After each session it is my habit to ask questions again. I want to be sure the experience was everything that they expected. It is always a great feeling when you capture a moment in someone's life with special photos, but an even better feeling when you know you were able to capture their true personality AND have a great time doing it!


What Would Make You Loosen Up?

I'd love to have a chance to talk with you about your senior session. Let's talk about those great images that we are going to make together!

September and October sessions are still available! Call me today at 724-255-7796 or go to www.hollphotography.com to set up a free consultation.

The Hero Shot

Relaxed and ready!

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