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If you are looking for a senior photographer, consider these three factors...


You or your child is about to graduate high school—that’s something to celebrate! You’ve been working towards this for most of your life so far, and you deserve to reward yourself for how far you’ve come. A portrait session dedicated to doing just that is a great experience for a high school senior that yields a tangible memento to mark the occasion.

A professional photographer will customize your portrait experience to who you are and how you want to present yourself. In a portrait session with a pro, the experience and its products are all about you. This is a chance to express your personality. One of my main objectives is to capture each person's personality. People want to see the real you!

When checking into photographer, make sure they capture the senior's personality AND something extra.

Professional Quality Products

Senior year is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and so are your senior portraits. Don’t risk ending up with something you’ll look back on and cringe when you see the poor lighting reflect off of the dead-eyed smile someone haphazardly decided was the best representation of you.

You want somebody with the skills and technology to bring out your best, most refined self—and the passion to put in the time and effort to do it. A trained photographer knows how to find the best light and identify the best moments to capture in order to portray who you really are. They’ll help guide you into the most flattering, natural poses and expressions to channel your personality and make you look beautiful. They pay attention to the details that transform your photos from ordinary senior portraits into artwork.

Once we capture those quality photos we make sure that they are presented in quality frames, memory boxes and prints. I'd love to show the quality in person. At your planning session, we can show you samples that will help with those decisions when it is time.

The Experience

When you schedule a senior portrait session with a professional, you have one less thing to worry about. Once the appointment is scheduled, you won’t have to concern yourself with any of the details either. Just bring the clothes you feel most comfortable and genuine in, and your photographer will to the rest. Our job is to work with you to bring out your best, most beautiful self, to ensure you’re happy with the result.

Your senior portrait should be a break from the hectic demands of daily life. Take a break from the stress and have fun! Let yourself be carefree and laid back, and your pictures are sure to reflect it.

Decision Time

When you have done your research, consider your personality and if it works with the photographer's. Sometimes we need someone that is going to get us out of our comfort zone and sometimes we need to be comfortable! You will know the answer to that question or maybe you just need to ask other people.

Once you contact me about senior photos, we can have a quick, very informal planning session that will help you with those type of choices. If you find we are a match, let's get started. If you find another photographer is a better fix, that's ok too! Actually I would even recommend some great photographers that are friends of mine.

Holl Photography

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